Expats want transport, balcony and bytes

  • A survey shows residential desires of foreign employees in Munich

Munich, September 29, 2017. Local public transport right outside the door, a balcony or garden and WiFi: According to a current survey by Mr.Lodge, expats attach great importance to the equipment and location when looking for an apartment. “We notice that the demands in terms of the equipment of the properties are increasing”, says Managing Director of Mr. Lodge, Norbert Verbücheln. The company that is the market leader in Munich with 3000 furnished temporary rentals per year, has surveyed 142 expats in total.

69 percent of those surveyed stated that they prefer furnished properties when looking for an apartment. However, in order to decide for or against a property, 93 percent stated that the location is the most relevant factor. Especially central and urban locations with corresponding infrastructure are favored, as 93 percent of the respondents also prefer to have underground and tram connections in the immediate vicinity, in order to reach the workplace, the shopping center or the city center as fast as possible.

Data traffic is almost as important as local traffic. 89 percent of foreign employees in Munich stated that a WiFi connection is a must-have when looking for an apartment. “A stable and fast WiFi connection is not only the key to the internet but especially to video calls. Expats want easy and cost-efficient ways to connect and stay in touch with their families,” says Verbücheln. Although 98 percent of households in Germany do have a TV, the survey shows that it is becoming less important in its typical use. Long gone are the days of just broadcasting TV content. It is now also about new features: Many expats use the smart TV for media libraries, video-on-demand services, games or watching YouTube videos. This requires a fast internet connection.

As companies do not take care over rental payments for all expats, 88 percent of the survey´s respondents stated that the rental price is important. For 12 percent of those surveyed the price is of no importance. In addition to the location, the rental price and the WiFi connection, the equipment of the furnished property is also very important. 84 percent do not want to forego the benefit of a washing machine, whereas a dishwasher with 67 percent is indeed important but not absolutely necessary. For every second expat (53 percent), a dryer plays a role in the decision-making. During the apartment search, the tenants, however, do not just pay attention to the equipment in terms of appliances: 74 percent of the respondents prefer an apartment with a balcony in order to immediately get a breath of fresh air instead of having to go to the nearest park first. Only approximately every third expat (35 percent) cares about having a parking space. The survey also showed that 27 percent pay attention to to whether a pet is also allowed to move in.